Welcome to the World of Parsons Guitars
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Who is Parsons

"The Dark Horse Luthier."   -Premier Guitar

"Following him into the heart of the operation, one imagines Willy Wonka leading the ticket bearers."   -VcReporter

"A brilliant Luthier."    -Jack White III

"What Kind of person appears in movies, defended our country as part of an urban assault team, and builds unique guitars......with a bit of spookiness thrown in. That person is Randy Parsons."  -Seymourduncan.com


 Randy with Jimmy Page, "It Might Get Loud" after party.


Parsons, after experiencing a vision, founded his company in 1995.


Parsons quickly gained the reputation as a creative who worked out-side the box and possessed old world skills.


20 years later his clientele list reads like a real life James Bond cast of characters.


In 2014 he moved his operation to Ventura California. His new shop, a former Hells Angels Club House, is a maze of secret workshops, classrooms, art gallery and living quarters.