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Parsons California

The "California" refers to a style of guitar building developed by Parsons.
Currently Parsons is offering this in the classic t-style. 

You can create and build your own at Parsons Guitars in Ventura, CA.

call/text 805-835-9322     email: Randy@parsonsguitars.com


Parsons California...buy one, or build one.

~A High performance, affordable, and very collectable handmade Parsons Custom Guitar~

Guitars starting at $1699


The Parsons California t-style

  • Built, painted and setup by luthier Randy Parsons.
  • Serial numbered and signed.
  • Documentation papers included.
  • Unique and collectable. No two are alike.
  • An official product of Parsons Guitars, Ventura CA.

 A Tone Monster

  • Old growth cedar body.
  • Thin, hand rubbed coats of paint.
  • Finest boutique pickups on earth.
  • Top shelf electrical components.
  • Light weight and sturdy.
  • Neck routed for both humbucker and single coil.
  • And a few secrets here and there.

 Three ways to get your hands on one

  • Build yours on-line, at your own pace.
  • Take a class at Parsons Guitars in Ventura, CA., and we'll build it together (one 4 hour class).
  • And of course...we'll be more than happy to build one for you.


  • The 4 hour "You-Build It" class at Parsons Guitars: $1500
  • Parsons builds it for you: $1700-$2300
  • You can buy parts separately on-line. Visit our menu options.