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Parsons School of Guitar Making




Located in the heart of historic downtown Ventura, Parsons Guitars is becoming a "must experience", for guitar enthusiast.

Build a Parsons California  t-style guitar.

Spend an afternoon (or evening) at Parsons Guitars, and build a custom guitar under the watchful eyes of Luthier Randy Parsons.  

Students pick from a selection of Bodies, Necks and Parts, all of which have been hand created by Parsons himself. Once you've gathered up your creation, we build it.

  • No experience needed.
  • Classes are one-on-one.
  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Includes hard-shell custom deluxe case.
  • Includes guitar.

    Total Cost: $1650

     Limited space available.  Just a few classes are held each month.

    Call/text 805-835-9322 or email us at parsonsguitars@parsonsguitars.com

    ~ The finish work on the California is not traditional high gloss. Instead it is hand applied and rubbed down, each paint job is one of a kind and created by parsons himself.




    Build a Bat

    One-on-one instruction. We take you step by step through the process of building your own ultra exotic Parsons Bat.

    Students learn:

    • Body Construction.
    • Neck construction.
    • Fret work.
    • Guitar electronics.
    • General guitar making and finishing techniques.
    Class time:    Five, 4 hour classes needed. Students leave with their own custom Bat. Schedule each class at your own pace, do all 5 classes in 5 days...or spread it out over 6 months.

      Total Cost. $2,250.00



      Guitar Setup Class  (Bring your guitar!)

      3 hr intensive Guitar Setup Workshop.

      You'll learn:

      • Proper truss rod adjustments.
      • How to correctly set the action.
      • Nut slot adjustments.
      • Intonation.
      • Electronics.
      • Proper setup procedures and techniques.

      2 students per class. Class time 3 hours.



      Working with lasers and cnc cutters.

      Enter the 21st century where -x, +y and z's are the new abc's. You'll get to see the process from "an idea on paper", all the way to the final cut.

      Equipment: 2016 Laguna IQ CNC and a 48x36 Full Spectrum 90 watt laser.

      Duration: 2.5 hrs

      Limit: 3 per class

      Cost: $75